Villa Toscana Miami

Premier Photography, Video and Production Venue.

Our stunning Mansion with grand staircase and Tuscan lush flowered gardens on 4 acres provide the perfect background to create countless photo opportunities for capturing outstanding memories of your special moment to fulfill your dream story. A Royal luxury vibe to capture the breathtaking view of our Tuscan Italian gardens, Conservatory, Grand laguna, Secret garden, fountains, swimming pool, reflecting pools, romantic fountains and ponds. We are excited to host your photo and video session in our venue and hope to make that moment unforgettable.  

Normally a photoshoot is 3 hours and includes a private luxury air conditioned changing room in the mansion at $150 per hour. Dress changes & animal rentals normally take extra time and would recommend 4 hours or more. The time seems to go fast and we have over 40 different photo spots on the property. Additional time may be available. This is for up to 4 persons. Additional persons at $50 each. There is plenty of parking areas. Your photographer may take videos & drone. Be sure to schedule hair & makeup.

Our mission here at Villa Toscana Miami is that all our clients have a wonderful experience and capture gorgeous photos & videos.

Flowered canoe, antique cars, Cinderella carriage and air plane on site-no extra charge.

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Rental of Animals (1 hour)

  • Snake-albino python or Boa in different colors and sizes: $250
  • Horse- White or Black: $550
  • Horse- Conquistador (Taller than Bonito) or Bonito XXXVIII (Both are white & grey): $550
  • Horse- Delirio (Light brown) or Tequila (Brown): $450
  • Horse-Brown & white: $400
  • Miniature White horse: $250
  • Tiger-full size: $1,300
  • Lion-full size $1,700
  • Bobcat- $600
  • Wolf- $600
  • Lemur: $450.00
  • Monkey: $450.00
  • Camel white (2 hours $1,050): $600
  • Giant Tortoise: $250
  • Alligator-small: $250.00
  • Alligator-big 8': $800
  • Owl: $450.00
  • Single fox (Marble Arctic or Pearl Arctic): $250
  • Double fox pair (Marble Arctic or Pearl Arctic): $500
  • Cockatoo-White or Pink: $250

It’s easy to schedule a photoshoot. Just contact us.

Suggested times are usually available:

Mon 11am-8pm

Tues 9am-8pm

Wed 9am-8pm

Thurs 9am-8p

Fri 9am-2pm

Sat & Sun 11am-2pm

Call / Text:   (305) 908-8586

1) Front carport Vase fountain

2) Carport-Cinderella Carriage

3) Front entrance Steps

4) 1931 Model A Car

5) Inside front foyer

6) Grand staircase

7) 2nd floor hall

8) Piano

9) Living room hall floor

11) Family Room

12) West Patio

13) West Patio

14) L Pool

15) Lion fountain

16) Conservatory

17) Gazebo South

18) Center Grand fountain

19) Reflecting pools

20) Love sign

21) Secret Garden - Entrance

22) Secret Garden - Canoe

24) scooter

25) Secret Garden - Gazebo

26) Secret Garden - North Waterfall

27) Secret Garden - North bench

28) Secret Garden - circle flowered swing

29) Secret Garden - Double gates

30) 1955 Red Dodge car

31) Swing under tree

33) 1950 Crosley red car

34) 1961 Nash Metroplotian red car

35) 1963 Dodge Custom 880 blue car

36) Double swing under North tree

37) Bed

50) Horse

60) Tiger

70) Camel

80) Snake